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  • Total Covid-19 cases in India have crossed the 46,000-mark, as per the latest update by the Union health ministry. Over 1,500 people have died due to the virus across the country. India has sent three ships to evacuate citizens from Maldives and UAE. The lockdown in India has been extended till May 17.

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We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a 30 day return policy. We’re confident in our products, so you can put your confidence in us.

All products we sell within our range, such as First Aid Supplies, Traffic Control, Safety Signs and more, are priced to suit your budget. Regardless of whether you’re a small independent business or a global organisation, we’re here to ensure you get only the best safety products at the best possible price.

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Impeccable Safety Standard

All our predictions come with completely quality tested and quality assurance signs. It is certified by the most competitive agencies. The values and service we cultivated to serve our customers better keep us sail ahead all the time.

Complete Sanitisation of Safety & Security Equipments

Our safety and Security equipment is fully sanitized and ensures quality. The kits available both for the medical practitioners, Civic workers and for the General public are fully capable of saving the users from any form of hazardous infections.

Healthcare Kits

High quality Health care kits from Gloves to body gowns available. All products are light in weight, super quality assured. For Homes, for Factories, For Hospitals and For Civic Agencies-all comes at a lower price. Our motto is to serve humanity.

Time Tested Quality

Our products are tested in the quality laboratory before sent to the market. We ensure all products are durable, sanitised and affordable always.You can trust our accessories. No allergy, no tear and wear products.

Safety Assured

All products are sanitised and packed properly. All raw materials are skin friendly and durable in all weather conditions. You will not find any health issues with our products.

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You can easily locate the status of your order and the time bound delivery is guaranteed. You can login to the account online and monitor the journey of your order easily. In case you need any assistance call us.

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Our safety norms are very stringent. When the workers engage in many work related activities all work ethics and security measures are strictly observed. We make sure that there is no room for any chance of harmful impact on any one. The products, their manufacturing procedure and processing environments are always kept in high standard of quality, risk free and complaint free. Our quality team examines products at different stages from manufacturing to delivery stage for quality standards.

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Protect your Office and Home with Safetimart Health Care Accessories


Our integrity to our customers is unquestionable. We care for our customer's assurance and meet all assurances as a part of our value. We believe in trust, mutual respect and a high standard of professionalism in all stages of our operations and meeting our commitments.


We believe in collaborative culture. Each employee easily gets along with other workers to meet all our common goals, even though many of them have different opinions on an issue. We put aside individual interest when it comes to customer satisfaction and adheres to our company’s philosophy.

Result Orientation

Our employees manufacture products and render as per your needs and requirements. The end result is our customer satisfaction. We are committed to meet or even surpass all your expectations on all our products and services.


We respect the commission interest, national interest, individuals from all sections of the society and the word we give as a commitment. All are an integral part of our culture. We provide products and/or services within time because we respect and value the time of our customers.


We believe in innovation and development. To solve the existing and the forthcoming problem of humanity we try to innovate and produce new products using the latest technology. We want to become market leaders and hence incorporate changes and adapt in synchronisation to changing environments.


Our history of manufacturing and selling the best quality products is very long. We keep a long legacy of service to the public behind us. Our expertise and experience helps us to serve you better.

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We have a long history of service to the nation and humanity. SafetiMart, launched in February 2020 as a vertical of Mutants Technologies Pvt Ltd. Mutants Technologies is a 2002 based IT company. It has become a matter of our deep concern about the safety of everyone, the safety of humanity and the safety of our coming generation when pandemic has taken over the world.

The cleaning and disinfection service cannot do simply by the civic agencies alone. So we have decided to take our own role in service to the people who suffer and extending our support by undertaking a part of that task, supplying health care kits and accessories and the most dangerous task of sanitisation everywhere. While the premises of everyone has to be taken care of and make these places sanitised to be free from the spreading of microbes. We got a dedicated team trained and deputed to do this job.

Our responsible sanitation team and dedicated professionals do a wonderful job to keep your premises and homes pandemic free. As a matter of fact the viral infection will be caused due to person to person contact as well as contact from the infected surfaces. We use only the approved agents and solutions to clean your buildings, homes, offices and all kinds of surfaces.

Besides cleaning service we sell the best quality kits to wear to fight a two front war against the pandemic. We manufacture and sell sanitised quality masks, gloves, sanitisation agents and solutions for daily uses to keep yourself, your family and employees safe from any potential threat of viral infection. Travelling makes the person more prone to come in contact with potential harmful hosts and get infected. But, wearing protective outfits can save you.