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Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is an authentic document which manages our Privacy related rules on our website and the other collaterals provided and printed, distributed among the sellers and the customers by our Company. This Privacy Policy was posted on 31st April 2020 and revised annually.

Your Privacy Policy is a legal document which is legally binding for both the Company and the users alike. This document explains well how we collect the information, that is your private information which is sensitive to you. This information the company commits collected and data secrecy will be maintained always and at any cost the Company won't sell it to any third parties or our own sister firms without any legal permission by a Judicial institution. The Company will abide by all rules that are passed and executed by Indian Union on Privacy Policy and secrecy Management of customers.

  • Personal data means any data or information about a person, including name, date of Birth, address, income , bank account details and other personal informations including passport number, Adhaar card Number, PAN Number and other legal document on which the individual can be recognised and misuse of it can cause the induced financial and other losses.
  • Usage of data means- the data is collected by means of automatic data gathering by infrastructure or personally collected using web form or paper format forms written or filled by the concerned individual with on the assurance of the company that the data will be kept private for ever and will not be disclosed without any authorisation of the individual.
  • Cookies is a small data gathering mechanism placed on the users devices with his/her permission.
  • Data Controller means the manager of the data collected and decides the manner in which the data processed and stored. For the legal purpose our company is the data controller.
  • Data processor means the in-house or authorised institution the data controller engaged to process the data for different purposes the data controlled wishes and within the boundary of all legal parameters mentioned otherwise.
  • Data subject means any personal subject to/of the data.
  • User means -anyone who uses our data. User means anyone uses our service who is subject to personal Data.

Information Collected and Use

We collect data for different purposes and uses. This includes improving our service and your satisfaction.

Types of data Collected
  • When using our service we may ask you to provide some information related to you. Personal information is not limited to Name, Address, PIN Code and Age. It may contain a list of various data or information we believed necessary for betterment of our service.
  • We may use many means to collect data, including newsletters, Marketing collateral, email and other communication platforms. You can opt out clicking a link or Opt out button refusing the data any time.
  • We may use cookies and your information seeking devices or softwares to gather data.
  • Cookies are a small amount of data placed on your device. It's an anonymous unique identifier. Cookies are sent to the user’s device from our websites or any other platforms and stored in your device.
  • Tracking technologies are beacons, tags, and scripts to gather data. Analyse and process the data to improve our service.
  • You can refuse or accept the cookies when it is sent and indicated by your computer or the device. But, if you refuse the cookies some of our services may be denied or refused access to such services where allowing cookies is mandatory.
User Data:

We use the data for various purposes.

  • To provide and maintain our service
  • To identify changes of our service and improve performance
  • To allow to use interactive feature of our service when you choose to do so
  • To provide better customer support and after sales support
  • To gather valuable information so that we can improve our service and meet the customer satisfaction upto maximum limit
  • Manage the service to meet your expectations
  • To detect and prevent and address the technical issues which may encounter any time of service.
  • To provide you with news, special offers and new products inviting the customers to test and try our service. But you have the right to opt out of any information at any stage.
Keeping Data:
  • We will retain the data so long as the data is required for the above mentioned services and purposes.
  • Until the law of each location permits
  • The purpose for which the data is gathered
  • To retain in case of settling the disputes and court cases.
  • The data is stored only for the specific period of time unless the improvement of our service demands the data. In case some data is required to improve our service for a long time, that data is stored for a long time.
Data Transfer:
  • The gathered data may be transferred outside the territories required and you agreed on submission of the data. This data may be processed and used by many or any of our sites and other concerns.
  • The data will be transferred on assurance of your data privacy will be maintained throughout the process of transfer and processing by any entities we share.
  • You consent is provided when you agree while submitting the data.
Business Transaction:
  • In case merger or acquisition takes place by our firms and related entities the data may be transferred to the covered entity. You may be informed well in advance in case such merger or acquisition takes place.
  • Under certain circumstances your data may be required to be transferred or disclosed to the government authorities authorised by a government law or enforced by a court order.
  • You consent is provided when you agree while submitting the data.
Data Security:
  • We provide complete data security. While no data is absolutely secure which is shared on the internet. However we drafted a strict data privacy for the data we gathered from you and once it reaches our data management system. In case while you share the information on our site if any third party keeps it’s spyingware and steals the data we may not be responsible for such data breaches.
Data Processing:
  • The data is gathered and processed under the accepted and probed law of the given territory and judiciary.
  • Your permission is sought and you have given permission to gather data
  • The processing is our legitimate interest and not override by any of your rights
  • For payment processing purpose
  • To comply with the law
Your data Protection Right
  • You will have the right to ask for removal of the data collected or amend the data given by you from time to time.
  • Right to access, update or delete, You will have the right to access , update or delete the data provided any time
  • You will have right to access and make necessary changes any time
  • You have right to object of processing of our data
  • You have right to restrict the data collected

We will have the right to verify your identity every time you request for or try to get access to the data collected.

You have the right to complain to the data protection authority in the legal premises in case your data is misused or you believe it to be misused. You will have the right to ask for complete information regarding the data any time.

You will have right to ask for not to sell your data
  • You have the right to ask for not disclosing or sell the data
  • You have the right to ask for /request for deletion of the data collected and the law permits the firms to delete the data.

You have 30 days to get a response for all your requests.
If you would like to exercise any of these rights please contact us:

Data processing
  • We may employ third parties to monitor, analyse and process your data.
Google Analytics
  • Google may collect data when you are on our site using google browser. This data may be used for advertising purposes by Google.
  • You may have an opt out option on Google data gathering Google data gathering opt-out option. It can be done by installing the opt-out option browser add on.
  • Google analytic opt out add-on prevents Google Analytics Javascript from sharing information from Google analytics.
  • Payments
    • We may use a third party payment service at the stage of our service.
    • We do not collect your personal payment card data. But, the third party payment platforms may collect the card details and may be governed by their own privacy policy and other competent law laid by the competent authority to control payment processors which is adhered to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
Links to Our site
  • In case there are any links on our site we may not have control on these sites . We may not have any responsibility for any data gathered by you after clicking the site. You may have to read their privacy policy before sharing any information including permitting cookies on your device.
Children’s Privacy and data
  • Our site/sites/ don't meet the children below 18 years. Thus we will not collect any data related to any children.
  • In case you are aware of sharing any children’s data you may contact us
  • Any data collected about any children without consent of their parents if it comes to our notice, it will be deleted.
Changes of Privacy Policy
  • In case any change of Privacy policy we will notify you by phone, email or any other mode of notification well in advance.
  • The notification will be sent with a fixed termination date. You will have adequate time to respond to the notification.
Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by using the contact information we provided on our Contact page.